Alan Sinclair


Paul Weddell

Club Secretary

Elaine McCallum


Ashley Gilmour

Committee member

David Lovelock

Vice Chair

Sandy Scott

Lorraine Ferguson

committee member

Susan Weddell

committee member

Stewart Muraska

committee member

I first attended the club in October 2021 with my son Sam, who is Autistic. I found out about the club after seeing a post of Facebook. Sam loved the club from day 1 and it quickly became the highlight of his week. Sam has communication issues but by attending the club it has enabled him to build relationships and help improve his communication and understanding skills with other young people. Sam now has friends that he looks forward to seeing at the club every Saturday and at the various trips and holidays he has enjoyed since becoming a member. The club for Sam, is a safe space where he can play and spend time with his friends. Now a bit about myself, I have worked in residential childcare for over 18 years supporting children from the age of 10 who have emotional, behavioural and developmental issues. In my spare time I like walking, watching football and to go fishing.

Nikki Cooper

committee member

Having known about No Limits club for a number of years, I decided to go along to a few events when I was looking for social opportunities for my daughter. She loves attending the club now and looks forward to seeing all the familiar members every week. It's been lovely watching the variety of friendships develop over the time we have been going between the young people and families. No limits offer a wide range of events and they are always welcoming, fun and inclusive. I would encourage anyone to come along and try a few sessions.

Lisa Sinclair

committee member

I have been involved with No Limits for around 20 years . I decided to join the committee as love to see the support it provides for children & young adults plus their parents. The “can do” attitude of everyone involved is amazing. My best Saturdays have been spent at the club. I work for a large bank as a Premier Banking Manager. I love spending time with my family, keeping fit & exploring Scotland.

Patsy Edmundson

committee member

I am a support worker for one of the club members and have been involved with the club for a number of years. I help to run the Boccia Section which is held each week before the Multi Sports club meets.

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